What I learned from my first Black Friday in the Cloud

We survived, but not without some wounds

What a day… Black Friday in Brazil is not like in North America or Europe. We don’t have a holiday tied to it or any reason like sell old stock to renew for Christmas. It’s just a commercial date to follow global trends, and it works. Since 2012 the average rate of customer attendance in the retail company where I work raises 63% in the Black Friday’s week.

More clients lead to more work, more machines, storage and so on. Since 2012 we had a lot of changes: ERP, equipment and too many people changes. Our last big change was to move almost all of our environment to the cloud, which happened in May 2017. It’s a Hybrid Cloud in a Tier 3 Datacenter not so far, as here in Brazil the internet infrastructure latency values almost forbid you to have critical systems spread on the Cloud.

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